Math 301: Handouts





Course handouts:

  • Course Organization .html.
  • Course Survey: .pdf.


  • Cone programming .pdf
  • Conic duality .pdf
  • Interior point methods .pdf
  • Applications of semidefinite programming .pdf
  • Sums of squares .pdf
  • Proximal gradient methods .pdf
  • Fast proximal gradient methods .pdf
  • Smoothing: conjugate functions and the minimization of nonsmooth functions .pdf
  • Moreau-Yosida regularization and proximal minimization .pdf
  • Dual proximal gradient methods .pdf
  • Augmented Lagrangian methods .pdf
  • Alternative direction method of multipliers (ADMM) .pdf
  • Consensus optimization .pdf
  • Gradient method with non-Euclidean distances .pdf
  • Minimization of strongly convex functions .pdf

Students' presentations (Winter 2011):

  • Adaptive restarting for first-order pptimization methods by Brendan: .pdf
  • Accelerating Nesterov's method for strongly convex functions by Hao and Xiangrui: .pdf
  • Global optimization with polynomials by Geoffrey and Stephen: .pdf
  • Robust Principal Component Analysis (and applications) by Borja and Ivan: .pdf
  • Semi-definite representation: for fun and profit by Ralph: .pdf