ACM 104
Matrix Theory

Introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques of matrix theory.

ACM 100 abc or instructor's permission


Emmanuel Candes, 311 Firestone

Now T,Th,F 9--10 am., 102 Firestone
Will be switched later, if possible.

1. Joel Franklin "Matrix Theory" Dover (required)
2. Gilbert Strang " Linear Algebra and Its Applications" 3rd ed., Saunders (optional)
3. Morris Hirsch and Stephen Smale " Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra" Academic Press (optional)
4. Serge Lang "Introduction to Linear Algebra" Springer Verlag (optional)

All handouts given in class will be stored in a binder in Sheila's office. Sheila's office: 217 Firestone. Sheila is a person you can contact at any time (between 9:30am and 5pm) if you need administrative information. Her phone number is 626-395-4560.

Instructor's Office Hour:
M 2--4, 311 Firestone

Class web page:

Teaching Assistant and Office Hours:
Theofilos Strinopoulos, 214 Firestone, office hours to be determined
    (214 Firestone,

Homework assignments: 60%
Final exam: 40%
Open book exam (perhaps a take home), time and location to be announced.

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